Anxious Moments

Why is packing such an ordeal. Is it just me? I try to do the right things. I search the weather apps for my destination cities weather conditions, I  select clothes that coordinates and easily interchanges and I try to implement suggestions from guide books. But for some reason I am packing and repacking and checking that  I included all that is needed. Then, I work with my husband. He is definitely last minute. He used to do it all on his own but last last year he forgot his medication so now we work together.

Have you realized now that Facebook (FB) knows everything we are interested in. Once you search for something on google you become a target for those topics.  Now, I am receiving suggestions  on the “how to of packing”.  The latest idea is to fold all clothes items together.  One website,, shows the use of soft containers. It looks  interesting.  If you are not sure what I mean just google packing or search on FB.

For my husband and I there is apprehension and nervousness until we can print out our boarding passes which of course, cannot be done until 24 hours prior to the flight. This is because two years ago when we were checking in for our Italy trip, we were denied and told to contact the airlines. We were informed that our passport was 4 days shy of  the exiting requirement of Italy. You talk about Hysteria?  Our flight was less than 20 hours off. How were we going to make this? But it all worked out in the end,  the government, the airline, family, and the Lord all worked together and we were on that flight. So be sure you check your passports and the country you visiting requirements.

It is difficult to feel relax about traveling with all the discussion about the TSA problems. We thought for sure that it would be a hassle checking in but we were surprise. At MSY, the New Orleans International, we had no problem what-so-ever. Of course we did have the pre-check-in approval. Even at JFK there was no problem. Personally, I think that they were trying to impress people by getting everybody through the lines quickly and securely since all the bad press.

Finally, out travel anxieties slipped away once we made it aboard our final flight. Calmness is achieved once, we arrive at our destination city’s hotel. We relax, we have a toast to our new adventure, and some local cuisine. Now, we are ready to experience all that the country has to offer and in the process make some new friends along the way. SANTE! CHEERS! SALUTE!



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